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May the Great Spirit guide you safely into the path of love, peace, freedom and God on this Earth Mother.
May the holy ancestors of love and light keep you safe in your land and homes.
Pray for God to give you something important to do in this great work which lies ahead of us all to bring peace on earth.

Chief Dan Evehema, Eldest Elder, Hopi Sovereign Nation


The Circle for Humanity, Inc. is a Non-Profit Organization founded to realign the four races of mankind on earth through cultural exchanges of traditional knowledge, social media, live events and collaborative ideas that inspire peace and unity.


The Circle for Humanity, Inc. is named after one of the oldest treaties of human civilization on earth spanning four continents from Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas. The traditional leaders are signified by their custody of one of four sets of sacred stone tablets.

Circle for Humanity, Inc. is the realization of the Hopi Prophecy that was conveyed to the public by Lee Brown in 1986 at the Continental Indigenous Council in Fairbanks, Alaska. In this prophecy it was said as follows:

There was one more uprising coming for the black race of people and then they will be released and this is also going to have an effect on Native people, a good effect.

The Hopi Prophecy

On the basis of this prophecy, the guardian tribes of the sacred stones of the Circle for Humanity – including the Hopi, the Swiss, the Tibetans and the Kikuyu – agreed to the creation of a public awareness campaign that is designed to “Heal the World”.


QADREE EL-AMIN, President for Global Peace

  • CEO/Founder of Southpaw Entertainment. Worked with many of the biggest names in popular culture including Muhammad Ali and Michael Jackson. Managed various artists like Vanessa Williams, Boyz II Men and Janet Jackson to name a few.
  • As a kid, marched with National Youth Movement For Martin Luther King in Washington DC as a Teen Member of The Black Promoter Association protest with Rev Al Sharpton challenging US acts not to perform in Sun City South Africa during Apartheid In the 90s
  • Andrew Young introduced him to Nelson Mandela Daughter Zindzi Mandela to bring Boyz II Men to South Africa for four shows and to meet President Nelson Mandela and Winnie Mandela
  • 2018 inducted as a member of the College of Seers in Kenya and granted title of President of Global Peace for Mount Kenya and given the name “Wangai” (“Man of God”) as an official member of the Anjiru Clan of the Gikuyu Tribe.


  • Prince Michael has worked with major Producers & Artists including Sizzla Kalonji, DJ Unk, Jim Jones, Gabriella Da Silva, Khudjo Goodie (Goodie Mob), Ishawna, Kaleena (Diddy Dirty-Money), JR Get Money {Kief Brown], Jon FX, Cainon Lamb, Kenya Miller, Gary “Gizzo” Smith and many more.
  • July 29, 2017 Prince Michael was enstooled by his Majesty King Franck Nyamba as a prince to Diaspora Council of Elarmitang (Fang Tribe, Gabon) and was enstooled by the Royal family of Batswana Nation as an honorary prince to the throne abroad.
  • June 19, 2018 Prince Michael was appointed as a representative for the Gikuyu Youth Association to bring people to sacred Mount Kenya.
  • September 29th, 2018 Prince Michael completed his induction ceremonies to finalize his new status given by the Gikuyu Elders as Mt. Zion’s first ambassador of Global Peace including the granting of the name “Muchiri” (“Ambassador”) as an official member of the Anjiru Clan of the Gikuyu Tribe.



Working with the legacy of the Martin Luther King, Jr. and Juneteenth Holidays to promote Wisdom & Forgiveness


The Circle for Humanity, Inc. relies primarily on the generosity of individuals like you. Your contributions enable us to help bring humanity together for the sake of the greater good. Your tax-deductible donations are greatly appreciated, and we thank you kindly for your patronage.

Mount Kenya | Dedicated to the Circle for Humanity